Training and Excercise

Interested in becoming a dogsledder? A MUSHER?

Thats one happy dog

Thats one happy dog

Want your husky to meet some new cool friends?

Is ur husky overactive and wrecking your house?

 Husky dogs, and even husky crosses are dogs that are BRED for running, pulling. They LIKE the cold weather, and LOVE working in a rewarding and meaningful team context. There is a growing number of husky dogs, a dwindling number of people DOING dogsledding, and a rising number of people keen to do dogsledding but don’t have much in the way of people to train them…

Seeing the number of folks interested in dogsledding, the number of good husky’s in need of a good run, and seeing the number of busy folks around the area, Green Feet now offers musher training, Dog training, and the option of exercising your dog by adding it to our teams of runners while we train.

Musher training, involves

  • Dog behaviordoggy town
  • Driving a sled, and getting to know your sled
  • Ganglines, harnesses, and equipment basics
  • Commands
  • Dog health, diet, and training tips
  • EXCURSIONS!! (woot!)

*please keep in mind, your trainer DOES NOT know everything, but she’s the last of a loveysdying breed who has been born into this sport, and carries a lifetime of experience with this sport that is founded on a good attitude.

*options exist for ‘on the fly’ training for those who with to help with handling during tours…ask for details

Cost: $60/hr

Dog Training and Dog Exercise

Dogs can be trained in conjunction with musher training. Dogs MUST have husky in their line! Additional training for dogs outside the duration of musher training or dogs wishing to be exercised follows the details below

To train your dog for running on a team, your dog, husky or husky cross, would be put through the following steps:

  1. Fit in harness, and will wear without anxiety
  2. Will pull a drag and WANTS to pull
  3. Meets other team members without arguments

This usually takes 1-4 training sessions ($60/hr).  Once your dog is ready to start pulling, they’re welcome to join the team on some of our runs. This exercise varies in length according to  your dogs capabilities, and each run (lasting 1-4hrs) is $30

*option: if you would like, and if your dog is really outstanding, he/she can join one of our touring teams, meaning the exercise is free!

*Musher and dog training can happen summer AND winter. DOGS ARE NOT RUN in teams when the temperature is ABOVE 6’c.  Since SLED-DOGS DONT HIBERNATE IN THE SUMMER, other options are available, just ask

*In ALL scenarios, Green Feet takes ALL possibly precautions to ensure your dog is SAFE! However, there is ALWAYS risk involved with dogsledding. We ask that owners sign a memo of understanding.



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