About Green Feet

The knowledge Green Feet shares through its services is made possible by the following:


Educational Institutions

Elders and Friends

Co-operation And Respect

Green Feet is an organization set up primarily to share the knowledge that has been collected over time with others.

Also, Green Feet always gives thanks to the following for being the inspiration behind what you will find on these pages, in no particular order:

TIS_love_your_mother_earthMother Nature

Old growth forestsfabric of humanity

Elders and

Humankinds ability to find their place not above, not below, but a part of the a beautiful complex living ecosystem we simply like to call ’life’,


Where did Green Feet come from?

As a business, the “Green Feet” company was seeded in the Environmental Field with the intention that this business will always grow and change as time goes on. Its creation was fueled by the disappearance of forests, wetlands, wildlife, and healthy natural places where its owner and operated spent much of her youth, playing and learning, paddling, hiking, and dogsledding in areas of Grey Bruce county.

Green Feet was born out of a commitment of the owner to do her best to restore and protect the natural ecosystems of our area for our next generations.

Founded in October of 2012, Green Feet has been hard at work, developing the foundations and networks that have nourished this company’s growth. Green feet is recognized as being as being an innovative and passionate asset to the work of many Environmentally oriented companies and organizations of the Grey Bruce area. We all work together to keep this small area of our world, “Green”.

The company itself is owned and operated by Amanda Hutter, a Sustainable Ecosystem Specialist, and resident of

Green Feet owner, Amanda Hutter, out in her element

Green Feet owner, Amanda Hutter

the Saugeen Shores area for 29 years.

Amandas work with Green Feet is greater fuelled in order to protect the rights of her daughter to have a healthy future.

Amanda has training from the following institutions:

BA Anthropology, U Waterloo
C. Environmental Techniques, Georgian College
C. Environmental Conservation, U. of Guelph
MScF Natural Resources Management (Candidate), Lakehead University

As well, she has additional training in:

  • Cultural sensitivity training
  • Climate smart agriculture
  • Enhanced forest Management
  • Ecosystem Services
  • Analog forestry
  • Organic gardening practices
  • First nation traditions, protocols, and respect

Green Feet works primarily in Grey/Bruce counties and Saugeen Shores.

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