Workshops and Education

fabric of humanityGreen Feet strives to educate and involve people in the communities where it services, helping to weave together the beautiful knowledge we all have into a beautiful and sustainable community.

Co-operation between businesses and organizations, and knowledge sharing between the young and old is absolutely essential to a more sustainable future.

Green feet provides workshops, demonstrations, presentations, and experiential field trips geared around the following concepts, and all can be tuned according to age group and teaching requirements:

Ecological and environmental concepts such as Biodiversity, successional stages, etc


Forest importance and health

Native plant importance and growth

Outdoor adventure and physical education

Seed collecting and growing

Sustainable harvesting of wild edibles and other NTFP’s

Treeplanting for youth


Please contact us for more details of content and to discuss details of how Green Feet can share knowledge with you and your group!




2 Responses to Workshops and Education

  1. Mini Jacques says:

    Yvonne King from t\he chamber of Commerce wanted me to post your information on the town’s tourism website.
    The Bad News is that you are in Paisley – and teh guideline for the website are Saugeen Shores businesses only on the website.
    Except…The Good News – for a section under “Main section – Things To Do -and it’s subcategory – Daytrips and Tours” – I could post your information if you have a schedule or information for workshops.

    You can give me a call and we can set up a meeting here at the office if you are interested.
    Every Chamber member get a free Bronze listing – courtesy of the Chamber of Commerce. these Bronze memberships were purchased for the Chamber’s members.
    $99 value.
    Call me at 519 832-3322 or on my cell 519 386-1883 to discuss a time to meet.

    • Mandy says:

      Hey Mini, sorry about the delay! I’m not a chamber member with saugeen shores. It just wasn’t really getting my business anywhere. I get a comfortable amount of business for my services just by word of mouth, which I’m ok with.