Sustainable harvesting of WildEdibles and NTFP’s

Wild Black RaspberriesGreen feet takes pride in being able to apply the gnowledge gained through years of working in natural ecosystems towards the exciting field of Sustainably Harvesting Wild Edibles and Non Timber Forest Products (NTFP’s). *Please see “Publications” for additional wild harvesting guides suited to our area

If you, or someone you knows, has a large stand of wild edibles on your property, if you believe you *might* have a good patch of wild edibles, or if you would just like to know more about wahts growing in your forest, give Green Feet a call!

Green feet can visit your property or site to discuss possibilities of harvesting FOR you and your family, harvesting as part of our education programs, or harvesting for sale through Green Feets’ local product line. She offers many flexible options for wild harvesting…Ramps, or Wild Leeks, are on e of the first wild edibles to emerge in hardwood forests


Site walk and assessment Cost: $30/hr

This site walk usually takes 1-2hrs, and can be repeated throughout the season to gauge whats available on your property and discuss options for sustainable harvesting

*If you know of a dense stand of wild edibles (such as fiddleheads, cattails, milkweeds, wild leeks, chantarelle mushrooms, etc), and are unable to find time to get out at proper harvesting time, I can do this for you if the harvest is for your own purposes.

Cost $30/hour

These popular spring treats are actually the unfurled heads of princess fernsIf a stand of wild edibles is suitable for a larger harvest, I will harvest your edibles for your own personal consumption for free in exchange for permission to harvest for distribution and processing by Green Feet.

These popular spring treats are actually the unfurled heads of princess ferns




This year Green Feet will be adding to the edible bouquet available for purchase:

* Wild Leeks: $4/dozen

* Fiddleheads

* Blackberries

* Watercress

* Cattail Buds

* Oyster Mushrooms

All are ensured to be sustainably harvested by the certified system of Respect and Honor for natural ecosystems, which Amanda Hutter of Green Feet stands proudly behind. Amanda cultivates a relationship with landowners, as well as with their lands that are harvested, so that major basic sustainable practices can be upheld: unknown harvesting does NOT take place, size of plants and density of plants is noted prior to harvesting to ensure a stand is ready for harvesting, NO MORE than 5-10% of densely established slow growing stands of edibles are harvested, Cyclical regrowth is respected, timing of growth is known, thinning is done in small patches relative to the species needs in order to open up areas for regrowth from patches that are still left in the ground.


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