Goods and Services


Environmental Services come in many shapes and sizes!


Green Feet provide many goods and services that are aimed to help our clients and customers to reconnect to natural environments and to respect the wonderful array of resources that natural environments provide.



Green Feet Solar greenhouseForests and Gardens for the landowner, property owner, business, or corporate entity who wants to regrow a diverse ecosystem


EISEnvironmental assessments (phase 1), Impact Studies, and product life cycle analysis for corporate entities and businesses Done according to regulations and legal requirements

Dogsledding with the Tokamak DogsDogsledding adventures, dog exercise, and musher/dog training so you can embrace this traditional Canadian sport and travel with respect in the winter. Since dogs don’t hibernate in the Summertime, its a great time for training!



GISGIS analysis and mapping for property owners


CranberryLand inventories, to highlight the resources in, on, and around the property. Specifically, floral and faunal, species at risk, and internal/external anthropogenic pressures and resources.

3rd roundLand Stewardship Planning to help the landowner plan how to manage the resources found in, on, and around their property in a sustainable manner. Specializing in the management of NTFP’s

Native Plant RescueNative Plant Rescue for when a landowner needs to remove native plants during garden modifications, or for developers PRIOR to development


FiddleheadsSustainable Harvesting of wild edibles and other Non Timber Forest Products specializing in the harvesting, management, sale, and distribution of sustainably harvested wild edibles from private or public areas



Cost and Pricing of services:


Forests and Gardens: Determined on a per-job basis. Please contact to discuss your needs and timelines

Consultations   $60—150/hr

*50% off cost of consultation with booking of planning and design and labor

Consultations include:

· 1 -2 hr site visit

· Personalized instructional guides

Planning and Design : 30/hr (Following consultation)

· Detailed hard copy of plantscape plan

· Custom-made DIY package, including  details of what, where, when, and how to plant.                                         

Labor: 18/hr

No time to build or maintain your own gardens? Let me do the work for you, including all arrangements for:

· Plants

· Landscape modifications (if needed)

· Eco-friendly soil amendments (mulch, compost, natural fertilizers, etc).

(These are an additional cost , at  less than retail price from local sources where possible)

EAS, EIS, Life cycle analysis, Land Inventories, and Stewardship Planning: charged per hour of work, $35/hour, or per project

Dogsledding exercise or training: see ‘Dogsledding’ for additional details and pricing

Harvesting of wild edibles and non timber forest products: same price as ‘consultation’ and ‘labor’ for forests and gardens when done for private landowner *this can be negotiated when harvested for sale within Green Feet Products

Harvested Non Timber Forest Products: *Available according to seasonal supply

Oyster muchrooms: $4/lb

Pickled Cattail buds, 1quart: $10

Pickled milkweed buds, 1 pint: $7

Wild Bergamot (teas): $5/small ziploc bag, dried.



As always, also available:

· Family and friend discounts.

· Bartering and trade arrangements

· Gift Certificates

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