Safety and Preparations

Before you come out…what MUST I know

1. DRESS WARMLY! This means extra socks, finger mittens, scarf, hat, if you have it snow goggles, extra layers. Tuck your scarf in and tie your hair up so it isn’t caught on anything. You wont be going out it youre not dressed warmly! Winter cold is UNFORGIVING!

2. Go to the washroom before you come out or meet up

3. Make sure you have had an adequate meal before heading out. Dogsledding takes up a SURPRISING amount of energy. its not jsut the dogs pulling but you’ll be pushing, calling commands, and sometimes pushing the sled up a hill.

4. Please let your guide know of any health conditions: diabetes, back problems, cold sensitivity, etc…ANYTHING that may be of concern on the trail in case anything happens along the run, no matter HOW long

5. Adults with children, PLEASE keep a watch on your children. understandably, this is exciting, but sometime, kids can get out of hand and will scare the dogs, or be standing where they shouldn’t be. We will be watching ALL kids, adults and dogs at all time, but its tough to watch ALl things at the same time, so we do ask that parents keep control of your children and follow requests.

6. This is the REAL SLEDDING DEAL! As such, surprises happen! Be prepared for anything to go wrong, but hope that nothing does! We have taken EVERY precaution to ensure you get both a genuine experience that is SAFE…we’ve been doing this a LONG time so trust that you are in good hands

7. Dogs DO fight sometimes. This is normal and is not cause for alarm with our dogs. ALL our dogs have been socialized with each other and are extremely friendly, but sometimes hierarchies are being established and this means dogs will sometimes snarl or snap at each other. This is NORMAL and we have this under control.

What will be provided for you?

Green feet wants to make your ride as comfortable as possible and I offer my services with my own word that I have done all I can to ensure that all are safe and we are prepared for any major emergencies, should they arise.

For children riding on the sled, blankets and safety straps will be used to keep young ones warm and secure. Extra mitts and hats are available in case they are forgotten. As well, for longer trips, Green Feet will bring warm and nutritous snacks, heat packs, a first aid kit, as well as necessary equipment in case a repair must be done.

Routes are predetermined, and are all within a cellular service area (except for special requested trips). As these routes are used regularly, your guide knows the trail well, however sometimes, unexpected circumstances are always possible.

Your guide, Amanda Hutter, has a long history of dogsledding, as well as travel into the wilderness. Although she has no recent training for emergency/wilderness first aid/animal interactions, she has on numerous occasions had to deal with issues of this kind in the wilderness, and counts experience itself as her teacher.  She has first aid training, and wilderness survival training, a lifetime of dogsledding, and a lifetime of living in and working with natural environments. When entering the wilderness outside of town centers, she always leaves with caution and respect for any issues that might arise, regardless of the duration of the journey.

You are in good hands.



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