Options for rides

Options for Rides!

Childrens birthday parties or events: shorter trips are available for groups of kids of 10+, and usually run between 5-15 minutes. This gives a great shorter experience for youth (weighing 60lbs or less). This children’s group rate is $300/2hrs. This includes time to meet dogs, time to take photos, helping with hookup and harnessing, safety and precautions, and of course rides.

The dogs are SUPER kid friendly

The dogs are SUPER kid friendly

Parties and events: Dogsledding can happen at your family event for periods of 1-2hrs. Price is $150/hr/sled. Teams come already harnessed, and a short lesson is included for those who wish to drive a team.

Longer trips: trips that bring you a little further, around 1/2hr – 4hrs can be arranged according to your needs. You can either ride on our freight sled (which can carry up to 2 adults, 1 adult and a child, or up to 3 children), or drive your own sled (this MUST be accompanied by a short lesson, age 14+) .

On the rail trail

On the rail trail

1hr: includes hookup and setup, meeting the dogs, a short lesson on driving the sled (if you will be driving a sled), safety and precautions, and a ride. $90/person/sled

Shoreline by Brucedale conservation area

Shoreline by Brucedale conservation area

2hrs: includes all above, as setup and hookup times are the same, but the ride is much longer. $125/person/sled. For $150/person/sled, excursion rides can be arranged to reach more remote areas, just ask!

Half day: includes all above, but these tours take you to more remote locations on distances of apprx 15-30km. This also includes hot chocolate along the trail, time to stop for pictures en route, and the options of switching teams. $400/person/sled

Along the shoreline of lake huron

Along the shoreline of lake huron

Reciepts available upon request.

Tokamak Team

2nd generation Tokamak Kennel team in Barrie ON


How to book a tour?

First, call Green Feet ( 7 0 5 – 3 2 1 – 8 3 2 7) or Bruce Taxi (Port Elgin ON : 5 1 9 – 8 3 2 – 2 1 1 1)  to arrange a date and time for a ride and to go over options and details to create an experience that’s just right for you!

You will need to provide info on:

  • number of participants
  • age of children
  • weight of participants
  • how long you’d like to be out for
  • how many would like to ride a sled, how many would like to drive their own (age 14+)

Second, BUNDLE UP and reviewto safety and precautions menu, and go to the washroom before heading out

Third, after signing a waiver, and going over safety and preparations,   we’ll be off and running!Typical Ice Run

Payments can be made as cash or cheque made out to “Amanda Hutter, Green Feet”

*Green Feet specializes in Ice Running along the shores of Lake Huron and trail runs. This first option offers you the feel of running through lands of arctic glaciers, with breathtaking views, and the safety of knowing that the water is ony a foot deep!

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