Forests and Gardens

“Green Feet – Forests and Gardens” is a branch of the Green Feet company that creates what is known as “Sustainable Plantscapes” using the a variety of innovative techniques…

Creating Forests and Gardens

 Through the “Forests and Gardens” branch of the Green Feet company, we can help you to plan and grow a sustainable plantscape that truly works for you.

To give you the biggest bang for your buck, significant focus is placed on using mostly cyclenative plants that are selected to suit both YOUR needs (food production, habitat, aesthetics, non timber forest products, recreation, future resources, etc) AND the needs of your LAND (diversity, sustainability, soil improvement etc).

Planting gardens and trees now means you are investing in your land so that after only a few years you can realize environmental and economic benefits for yourself, your children and your grandchildren!


Ecological  principles observed in nature are used as the basis for the most modern methods of sustainable planting techniques, such as organic farming, native gardening, biodynamism, butterfly gardening, permaculture, edible plantscaping, ecological restoration (such as streambank stabilization), ecobuffering, forest gardening, agroforestry, and analog forestry.

These methods (along with a little bit of common sense) are what ‘Green Feet’ uses to food for allsmartly grow harvestable food and non timber forest products, restore degraded landscapes or improve the value of your land, and grow plants and trees that are able to take care of themselves!


With a range of training and work experiences that span 10 years, throughout the pages in this section you can see some examples of what I can create for you. These examples are found throughout Ontario, Canada, and the Americas. They are examples of the forests and gardens which I have helped to either design, plant, maintain, monitor or co-ordinate the construction of. Any one of the examples can be created for you, and fine tuned to your needs and location.

In each example, a thorough knowledge of the geographic context, the plant and human needs, and the desired outcome was required to achieve the outcomes pictured in the following sections. These can be created at any scale according to any budget.

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