Land Stewardship Planning

Land Stewardship Plans, also known as Management Plans, are an important part of the conservation, protection and stewardship of intact ecossytems within Bruce County. These stewardship plans provide an overview of the environment and ecosystems on your property and outlines the actions necessary to restore, conserve and protect the land that you own.

A land stewardship plan will help you:

  • Learn more about the species, ecosystems, and characteristics of your property
  • Determine objectives for your property (such as recreation, attracting wildlife, sustainable food production, ecosystem restoration, etc)
  • Plan and schedule activities to achieve these objectives
  • Ensure consistent long-term management on your property


Amanda is also available to help you work through the planning framework and forms required for a Managed Forest Plan (for entrance into the Ontario Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program (MFTIP)).  For more information on MFTIP requirements, visit the MFTIP website.

Document length vary according to the size of your property and objectives.

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