Take a trip through time on a Dogsled!

In honor of Green Transportation, Out on the Ice with the teamGreen Feet is happy to offer Dogsledding!

In co-operation with Bruce Taxi in Port Elgin, Green Feet now offers dogsledding rides for an unforgettable winter season experience!

This isn’t a typical dogsledding operation…

This IS mushing! Sauble beach shoreline

Green Feet owner, Amanda Hutter, is currently working with 14 dogs within the service area of Saugeen Shores that are available for rides.

Asiac was rescued from the Yukon when an unexpected litter happened

Asiac was rescued from the Yukon when an unexpected litter happened

These dogs are special…All are rescued dogs who have been placed within the family kennel (Tokamak Kennel, underwood), or with friends who have lovingly offered a space in their homes to make these wonderful dogs a part of their family

Thats one happy dog

Thats one happy dog

All dogs spend 2 weeks meting the team and working with Amanda and Vic to see that the dogs get along with other dogs, WANT to pull, and generally have a good attitude.

With the time and love, these dogs have become a mighty team of AMAZING animals that have taken our mushers over and through MANY miles of beautiful terrain otherwise inaccessible in the winter

Shoreline of Lake superior

Shoreline of Lake superior


Tokamak Kennels:

The ‘family’ team is a 6 dog team of rescue dogs, and has been the  foundation for all Green Feets sledding adventures (thanks dad!).

“Tokamak Kennels” means ‘many pieces together to make a

Out on the shoreline

Out on the shoreline

powerful force of energy’. This is a 6 dog team made up of Rocky (lead), Kuda (Swing), Carmac, Reiker, Asiac, and the newest addition, Grizzly. This is a long distance touring team which is able to run distances of 60-90km in a day. This team is the 3rd generation of teams run by Victor Hutter who has owned and rescued 24 dogs over the course of his 35 year history of sledding, putting them together into a team that has wowed folks by their good behavior, and capability.

This team is available for longer trips. You can meet the dogs at our kennel on the 10th concession of Bruce (please contact us for more details), then leave from site along a system of trails, or along the shoreline for an Ice Tour experience.

Other teams :

Meeko, Liloup, Thistle and Quinn

Meeko, Liloup, Thistle and Quinn

The “Saugeen shores Pet” Crew is always in the works. Made up of 8 dogs that are owned by wonder friends fom Kincardine, Port Elgin, and Paisley, Amanda works with these dogs and their owners to train and work with husky dogs who are anxious and excited to be pulling! This co-operative works well, giving the dogs the healthy exercise that husky’s need to get, and making sure all dogs (mostly rescues) receive the most love and attention that they need to reach their full potential.

Play time! All dogs are socialized and allowed time to run free before and after thats some good dogs!

Play time! All dogs are socialized and allowed time to run free before and after tours…now thats some good dogs!


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  1. Sarah says:

    Hi I am looking for information about dog sledding, I would like to try it with my boyfriend. I am wondering what it costs and what days and times are possible? \


    • Mandy says:

      Hi, sorry about the delay. If you just check the website, its just been updated with costs and some of the general info about the tours we’re running 🙂 feel free to call as well

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