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Helping you to plan, grow, understand, and protect the gifts from our land

There are many ways to fit yourself, your family, your business, or organization within the ecosystems that we are a part of. Green Feet is here to help you, your business, or your organization to take steps towards protecting and restoring our natural world and its resources in order to leave a better world for future generations.

eco-300x225We provide the following goods and services in and around Saugeen Shores of Ontario, Canada:

Experimentation plot in Ecuador (4 years old)Forests and Gardens:

Creating sustainable ecosystems such as growing gardens or reforestation. We do this on small and large scale properties in rural and urban areas according to your own needs and desired outcome. We specialize in using techniques that are economically productive, environmentally sustainable, and culturally meaningful.


Ramps, or Wild Leeks, are on e of the first wild edibles to emerge in hardwood forests


Sustainably harvested wild edibles and Non Timber Forest Products for use in personal cooking, or for restaurants that specialize in seasonal and locally sourced foods. Please contact us for more details on what’s available



Plots of sustainably managed harvestingLand Management and Planning Services:


Mandy gives Finn 'pep talk' before a race

‘Going’ green transportation: Really going, and really moving with one of Canada’s most honored form of carbon free transportation…Dogsledding!



Special Projects

The RED TREE Project: growing food, protecting and restoring resources, and creating work for community members



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